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Do It Alone

We vacation with others, eat with others, have gym buddies and support groups. Whenever we want to try something new, we do it with others. It’s our comfort zone, our safety net. Having other people is a blessing. It’s amazing to have a community or a partner to try new things with or explore with. […]

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What Are You Waiting For?

Someday. Someday you’ll go to that place you’ve always wanted to go. Someday you’ll switch careers. Someday you’ll eat healthier and start working out. Someday you’ll live the life you’ve always dreamed of. The problem with someday, is that it often turns to dust. You act as if tomorrow is guaranteed to be there. As

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There’s Somewhere You Should Be, and You Might Have to Get Uncomfortable to Get There.

You feel stuck. In a job. In a relationship. In a life you didn’t plan and you didn’t choose. You often question what your purpose is, or if there’s more to life than this. The dreams of the past have been pushed aside for today’s routine. You no longer let yourself wonder what this world

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Life After Loss

A life comes to an end… Someone you love is gone from this world… Your heart hurts… You’ve cried all the tears until you can’t cry anymore… and then you cry some more. Where do you go from here? When such a bright light in the world goes out? After the funeral ends, when everyone

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