Listen to Your Head or Heart?

You hear songs about listening to your heart. Warnings about ignoring your head.

Sometimes when a relationship ends, you’ll realize your head already knew the reasons it wouldn’t work. But your heart did it anyway.

Is there a way to listen to both? Should you listen to your head? Or are you bound to give in to the demands of the heart?


Your Head

The mind is where logic lives.

Analyzing potential outcomes, listening to warnings and past experiences.

Who is this person? What are their intentions? What’s the likelihood of it working out?

All good questions. The head is good at asking the questions.

But you can’t only listen to your head right?

I mean, could you even if you wanted to?


The Heart

The wild heart.

It’s hard to ignore what the heart wants.

It’s where feelings of love live.

And love is very tempting.

The heart sees potential. It sees all the amazing ways it could work out, all the promise of love and joy and amazement.

The heart blocks out the warnings of the head and makes decisions based on potential.

Sounds risky to listen to the heart alone.


The Wisest Guide

So, head or heart?

Neither. Instead, you should listen to your gut.

The gut combines the head with the heart, giving you the best of both worlds.

(If you know how to listen to it that is.)

Your gut feels “vibes”. It’s a built-in lie detector. It knows when something or someone is off.

It’s a greater predictor of success than the head or the heart on their own.

The gut deals with what’s real on the surface, and also what’s real beneath the surface. It considers the logic, considers what you want, but also feels what’s right and what’s not.

The gut is the real deal.


How to Grow the Gut

I’m not talking about growing it with cupcakes and ice cream.

That’s not the gut you need to grow.

Grow your intuition, your ability to listen to what your gut is trying to tell you.

  • Ask yourself how you feel. When meeting someone new or having a conversation, pause in the middle and ask how it feels in your body. Are you feeling at ease? Are you feeling stressed?
  • Journal. All the insights you need can be found within you. And writing them down can help you locate them. What seems fuzzy and unclear can become known when you write it down.
  • Ask yourself questions. Why does this bother you? Where did it come from? Who do you want to be? Would this person be good for you?
  • Meditate. Be still and the answers will come to you. The world is noisy and full of distractions. Quiet the distractions and listen. It’s not always about quieting the mind. Sometimes it’s about quieting the world so your mind has a chance to filter through what you already know.
  • Spend time in nature. It’s similar to meditation. It’s quiet. But there’s also something about being in nature that resets you.

The gut is your best chance at making good decisions.

It’ll be your best, and truest guide if you can figure out how to hear what it’s telling you.

Let the gut guide you.



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