Holly Rhoton

Save Yourself

Do you ever wish someone would just come to save you? Come help you off the ground? Life would be so much easier. But no one is coming. No one is coming to save you. No matter how hard you wish it. You have to save yourself. Something I’ve become quite good at but didn’t …

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The Journey to the Real You

Who are you? Over the years, the answer to that question might change. Life evolves. You learn lessons and become many different people over the course of your life. You aren’t supposed to stay the same through the whole thing. Life is a path, leading you to yourself. The biggest changes happen depending on: What …

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Healing After a Breakup

Ah, breakups. The ultimate self-esteem killer. Even the most confident of you begin to question yourselves after a break-up. What’s wrong with you that you couldn’t make it work? Is there a defect in your personality? Some unhealed trauma you haven’t resolved? Are you the problem? It’s possible, you might be the problem (or part …

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Listen to Your Head or Heart?

You hear songs about listening to your heart. Warnings about ignoring your head. Sometimes when a relationship ends, you’ll realize your head already knew the reasons it wouldn’t work. But your heart did it anyway. Is there a way to listen to both? Should you listen to your head? Or are you bound to give …

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Is “Love” an Illusion?

How is it possible to love someone with your whole heart one day, and then feel nothing the next? Was it ever really love if the feeling can change? Is love a lie? An illusion? You worry something is wrong with you… that you did love, and now you don’t. Nothing is wrong with you. …

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