Goal after goal, you’re trying to get to that place, that place where you’re happy, where you’re good enough. You’re searching for that thing that’ll finally make you happy. Longing for a sense of purpose or a balance to your life.

One day you feel like a Queen, head held high and confident, with a purpose and a place in the world. But by the next day, the crown has slipped from your head and onto the floor. You forget how to be that Queen, how to love your life and yourself. And you desperately want to hold onto it.

From a young age women are tearing themselves, and other women down. We’re dulling our own sparkle so we aren’t “too much”. We’re shaming other women for being too much or for the way they choose to express themselves.

And you never feel as though you’re good enough. You’re always searching for a way to be better, thinner, richer, more this or more that. And you think if you can just reach that goal, then life will be better. Then you’ll be happy. But when you reach that goal, you feel the same. And so you find another goal to chase, and the cycle starts again. Round and round you go.

I’ve done the same. More times than I care to admit. I’ve chased the goals, thinking it would bring me happiness, fulfilment, completion. I thought being thin would make me happy, being single, being married, if I got a better job. But every time I reached a goal, there I was, no different on the inside.

Those things brought happiness, but not the kind that lasts, or that goes deep. It’s taken me a lot of time to learn from these mistakes. Real happiness isn’t found at the end of a goal, it’s found deep within myself. In the way I see myself and my life, in the things I do daily, and the ways I choose to live my life in alignment with who I really am.

I don’t claim to know it all and I hope to always be learning and evolving. But through those lessons, my outlook on life and my own inner voice has changed. And with that change, came a desire to help other women going through what I went through.

That’s why I launched this blog. I knew what it felt like to feel lost. I knew what it felt like to be completely unaware of how amazing you are and how amazing life can be. We’re all Queens, capable of making magic in our lives, and yet we live in another world where we can’t even see the possibilities available to us.

I had these words trying to burst from within me, needing to come out and say “I got you girl!” I wanted to tell all those women searching that you can be happy, you can live life the way you’ve always dreamed, and all you need to do is realize the power you have over your own life.

If you’re one of those women, if you’ve been searching for something you never seem to find, then you’re why I’m here. This blog is for you. These thoughts and ideas were given to me, so I could say them to you. I see you. I feel that longing from your soul, the longing to feel like you’re enough, to know you have purpose in this life. You are enough and you do have purpose. You are a Queen!

It’s time to find your power as a woman. It’s time to find yourself and discover the happiness that’s waiting within you. It’s time to fix your crown!

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